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What is good to have ready when installing the control solution in a new home?

it requires standard electric installation for lighting and motors control. For heating control, is good to install the wired thermostat according to the heating diagram wiring as well as for alarm integration. For cameras and sensors, is good to prepare the electric installation to power an adapter. Please contact us for advice before starting the wiring at home

can I install the control solution in a ready built home?

yes, if you have standard electric installation (phase and neutral) at the lighting and motor (blinds) switches'. For heating control you can use the wireless thermostat. For alarm integration, you add a wire and box to install the module and relay. The cameras require at least power for the adapter and the sensors can work on batteries

Am I able to install and setup the solution my self?

yes, you can install and setup the solution yourself however we recommend a qualified technician for installation of micro modules, din rail modules and wired thermostat.

I don’t have neither time nor skills to install and setup the solution. Can you do it for me?

yes, we offer you professional installation service. You also get 10% discount in products if ordered together. What is the price?

I want to install the control solution at home, how long does it takes?

the hardware installation usually takes one day with its setup.

can anyone see the control activities or control my home?

the access to the the app is password secured avoiding intruders to see the status and to control your home

what needs to be done in a power and internet failure?

it requires no action when the power or internet connection is restored. In case of only internet connection failure, you can still control all your appliances locally

do I need to install another insteon® hub when using smart events?

yes, is required to have another insteon® hub that will work with houselinc software installed in the tablet

can I pay credit?

yes, please let us know the desired number of monthly payments once you place your order in the shop or request a quotation with installation

if you have any other question or need further clarification, please contact us.